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Who Needs A Life Coach?

Well, when asked this question my reply is alway-EVERYONE! I have been working with people of all ages, genders and lifestyles. I don’t know how other Life Coaches perceive their work but, to me, mine is simply to help you become the version of yourself YOU want to be. To listen, to clarify, to prioritize, to teach you the skills you need (or direct you to where you can learn those skills) and to be an “accountability partner” as you work toward your goals. Judgement plays NO PART in my coaching, it does not help you as you work on change.

Working with me you can expect to speak openly and honestly about whatever is on your mind. To have a focused and empathetic listener who will ask clarifying questions, help you to “frame” your thoughts and to prioritize what’s most important for YOU to begin working toward. Together, we will make a plan, break it down into manageable pieces and set a realistic timeline for you to reach small goals until you have reached the big goal you’re working toward.

Our work together will be structured around YOUR needs and our time from beginning to end with be entirely based on what YOU do when we’re not “together.”

I do my coaching via Skype or FaceTime and sessions last between 30-50 minutes each. How many sessions you need will be wholly dependent on what your goal(s) are and how consistently you work toward meeting them. We will “check-in” via email so you can keep me apprised of your progress and ask questions or get support as you continue to move toward the goal(s) you’ve set. Usually, sessions are weekly to begin with and, gradually, the time between sessions will grow longer, depending on YOUR needs.

After you have successfully met your target goal(s), you may decide that you’re ready to do without your Life Coach or, you may decide to set up periodic “check-ins” to keep the relationship going-that will be entirely up to you and I have had both situations work out very well for my clients.

As I said at the beginning, EVERYONE needs a Life Coach. If you believe that investing in yourself is important (and it is) I would welcome the opportunity to be YOURS and help you reach your goals! I do limit the clients I work with because, I too, need to prioritize and I need to be sure that YOU, my client, get the time that YOU need to keep my attention focused on helping YOU reach YOUR goals.

I am looking forward to working with you and assisting you as you work toward becoming the person YOU want to be-YOU DESERVE THAT!

Liz Huggins

CTA Certified

Life Coach

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