• Liz Huggins

Feeding Our Spirit

Everyone believes in something bigger than themselves. I believe in God and am a practicing Christian (I say practicing because I have much more to learn and am very flawed). Whether you are Buddhist, Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, Presbyterian or communicate with the Universe...whatever you do to feed your soul, your spirit, that is an important part of life. All of us are really saying the same thing...love one another, be kind, do no harm, lift one another up...

My question to you is, how do you nurture your spirit? Do you take time every day to “feed” and replenish your spiritual being? Do you read, attend services, commune with nature, listen to music, pray...all these practices are important to our overall well being. Oftentimes, it’s easy to neglect the spiritual part of our lives but, we shouldn’t, it’s important to our well-being, it helps keep us grounded, it reminds us we are never alone, there is something and someone “bigger” than ourselves. Spirit gives us hope, it lifts us up, it reminds us to support one another. To me, Spirit is love...

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