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Child Like Wonder

I wanted to take a few minutes to point out how important it is for us all to keep challenging ourselves to grow and learn. There have been plenty of studies done that have proven that our minds can maintain elasticity well into old age, if we continue to learn and “stretch” our thinking. This is good news for all of us, it means we can contribute to our families and communities and look forward to many years of discovering new things! That, to me, is beyond awesome!

Now, to be clear, this does not mean we have to take classes to learn and stretch our minds, although we certainly can choose that route! Think about the ways children interact with the world and learn from them! Everything is new and exciting, they question everything, they like to “discover” new and exciting worlds. Children build things, they use their imagination, they listen and watch what’s happening around them, they stay open to all possibilities! Why can’t we emulate child-like curiosity? Why do we get so set in our ways and so intimidated by is a bold adventure!

I challenge everyone reading this piece to go out and discover something new. Challenge yourself to learn a new hobby, read something you might not usually pick up, get out and mingle with other people and really listen to what they are saying. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or feel threatened when you are challenged, instead, approach new experiences as a child would...openly and with the expectation of discovery!

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