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Coaching Packages
*Individual Coaching:


At different times in our lives, all of us find the need for support, guidance, accountability and affirmation. We work together to determine what you need, set measurable and attainable goals and work toward attaining those goals. Confidentiality is key to our relationship and I am here to support your work, ask questions to stretch your thinking, make suggestions on what training and education may be helpful-etc. Your success is my goal!


*Cost - $50/Session (each session is 30-45 mins. In length)

             $45/Session after 3 sessions 

1 session $50.00

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2 sessions $100.00

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3 sessions $135.00

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*Learning to Manage Conflict:


  • Identifying Body language

  • Practicing Active Listening

  • Co-creating a plan to move forward

  • Checking In/Making Adjustments/Moving Forward


This training is a four week program. Participants will learn about conflict and will come away with the knowledge and practice needed to mange life’s conflicts that pop up at home, at work and in day to day life. 


Cost: $250.00 for training and a follow-up call

Conflict Coaching Package $250.00

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*Mentoring for New Educators


  • Setting up your classroom

  • Effective Classroom Management

  • Lesson Planning and Preparation

  • Reflective Teaching

  • Handling Difficult Situations

  • Effective Parent Communication/Involvement


This is a year long mentoring program designed specifically for new teachers or teachers who would like to have support in their classrooms. As an experienced teacher (grades K-8) Retired Administrator and Professional Developer, I have worked with many teachers, new and experienced. Working with another educator has always been the most informative way to improve our professional skills and to assure that we are delivering the best for student. Teaching is the most rewarding experience I have ever had and, at times, the most exhausting. As your mentor, we will work together and create a “toolbox” of effective teaching techniques, classroom management and communication that will follow you throughout your career.


The program will be 10 months long. I will make at least 3 classroom visits that we will plan together. We will work together on a classroom management plan that is effective and respectful for everyone. Lesson planning and, if requested, demonstration is also part of this program. Weekly calls and private messaging is included for on-going questions and support. The goal of this program is to give you the assistance you need to be able to learn and grow as professionals with a safe, supportive and experienced educator to be there for you!


Cost: $1,000/year

Mentoring for New Educators Package $1000.00

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*Managing Change


Life is going to present us with changes, some will be planned, some unplanned. Change is one of the major causes of stress but, you don’t have to deal with it alone.

This package is uniquely designed for each individual. Together, we will determine what your specific needs are (depending on the change you are going through) and design a plan that works for you to support you and set you up to successfully manage change.


  • Understanding Change

  • How Change Effects Us

  • Tools for Managing Change


*Due to individualized program design, costs will vary.


Getting Started: We will talk about your specific situation to determine how much support may be needed. The first session will be approximately 15-30 minutes long and cost $40.00

Managing Change $40.00

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* Dealing With Loss


Hearing the word “loss” conjures up an immediate image of losing a friend or loved one as a result of death but, loss is experienced in many situations. We feel loss when friends or loved ones (or we) have to move away. Losing a job, experiencing the sudden loss of our home and/or possessions, divorce...they all are forms of loss. Understanding the stages of loss and having support to help process that experience is critical to mental, physical and spiritual well-being. This program is designed to help you learn the stages and how they effect you. To provide you with on-going support as you navigate through the stages of loss and help you grow stronger and more confident in your own abilities to handle life’s challenges.


  • Understanding the Stages of Loss

  • How Each Stage Presents Itself

  • Techniques for Managing Anxiety

  • Communicating Your Needs to Others

  • Reflecting


This is a 4 week course designed to help participants understand what loss is, how it affects us and what to do when we, or someone we know, is experiencing loss. (Those who need on-going support may join a monthly Zoom or Facebook Group and Support Chatroom for a minimal fee of $20/month.)


Cost: $250.00


*This training can be done in a group setting on Zoom or Facebook with at least 4 participants. (Call for more details)

Dealing with Loss Package $250.00

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