“My success was do to good luck, hard work and support and advice from friends and mentors. But most importantly, it depended on me to keep trying after I have failed.” Mark Warner

Are you feeling stuck?

Do you need an accountability partner?

Do you feel a bit unsure of yourself?

How confident are you that you can handle conflict or deescalate a stressful situation?

Are you in transition or dealing with a major life issue?

Do you need help navigating through the education system to help your kids?

Maybe you’re an educator who would benefit from having an experienced mentor who can help with classroom management, differentiating education, lesson planning, time management?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, a Life Coach can help.

I am an experienced coach and, together, let’s make a plan that works for you.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and having a resource who has “been there, done that” over the years is an investment in your own spiritual, physical and mental health.

Let’s talk!

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Meet Your Coach

Welcome to the Wellness Wheel, where Mind, Body and Spirit can be challenged, nurtured and grow!


I am Liz Huggins and I’ve been searching for just the right “niche” that will allow me to do what I love most...helping people to discover who they are, nurture and strengthen their gifts, connect with their inner spirituality and create the life they want to live!



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"I would highly recommend Liz Huggins as a coach. When I had to deal with the loss of my husband and the anxiety issues that arose from grief that I was completely unfamiliar with, Liz helped and guided me with strategies to lessen the fear. Liz is positive, honest and her life experiences really gives her validity in the coaching field."
Deborah Newman

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